Unified CORE Training

The Unified CORE Training Program

The Unified Mindfulness Meditation | taught by Julianna Raye

Course description

Welcome to the Unified Mindfulness CORE Training Program!

Whether you're brand-new to meditation or have a deeply established practice, the CORE training program is the perfect starting point to a life-changing set of skills that will enhance and transform your health, happiness and well-being.

The Unified CORE Training program is a fully-interactive learning experience designed to quickly give you a deep understanding of the Unified Mindfulness system and provide you with a solid foundation to build your mindfulness meditation practice upon.

If you're new to meditation, the CORE program will guide you to a solid daily meditation practice in the next 30 days.

And if you're an experienced meditator, the Unified system is built as a universal framework that will support and enhance any existing practice you already have in place.


The power of the Unified system is it's precision and adaptability. That translates into very clear instructions as well as tremendous flexibility for you to take advantage of your specific strengths and interests to continually grow and deepen your meditation practice.

Unified is so effective, that it is currently being used in major research on meditation at world-class institutions like Harvard and Carnegie Mellon.

The Unified CORE training consists of ten unique, video-based lessons focused on a core concept or technique of the Unified system. Each lesson also includes a self-paced quiz that will test your understanding of the module, while reinforcing your retention of the training.

Each lesson also includes a group discussion area so you can get answers to your lesson-specific questions and have the opportunity to interact with other members of the Unified community

As an added bonus, the CORE training includes the special "See Hear Feel" technique video lesson. This Unified technique gives you a powerful option to use for your daily meditation practice that is very simple and easy to do.

And finally - to wrap everything up - two bonus guided meditation audios are also included so you can put what you've learned into practice. Take these downloadable audios with you wherever you go and use them to bring your Unified Mindfulness training into your daily life.

We welcome you to the Unified Mindfulness Community and would be honored to be part of your journey towards a happier, more fulfilled life.

So take the first step and start the CORE training today and I'll see you on the inside.

I look forward to meeting you.

In gratitude,


Julianna  Raye
Julianna Raye
Founder - Unified Mindfulness

Course Curriculum

Get Started Here
Welcome....Let's Get Started!
A Word About the CORE Training Program Self-Quizes
*Read Me* - Strange Phenomena
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Lesson 1 - Introduction to Unified Mindfulness
Introduction to Unified Mindfulness Video Lesson
Lesson 1 Quiz
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Lesson 2 - Sensory Experience
Sensory Experience Video Lesson
Lesson 2 Quiz
Sensory Experience Group Discussion
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Lesson 3 - Restful States
Restful States Video Lesson
Lesson 3 Quiz
Restful States Group Discussion
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Lesson 4 - Gone
Gone Video Lesson
Lesson 4 Quiz
Gone Group Discussion
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Lesson 5 - Concentration Power
Concentration Power Video Lesson
Lesson 5 Quiz
Concentration Power Group Discussion
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Lesson 6 - Sensory Clarity
Sensory Clarity Video Lesson
Lesson 6 Quiz
Sensory Clarity Group Discussion
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Lesson 7 - Equanimity
Equanimity Video Lesson
Lesson 7 Quiz
Equanimity Group Discussion
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Lesson 8 - Noting
Noting Video Lesson
Lesson 8 Quiz
Noting Group Discussion
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Lesson 9 - Labeling
Labeling Video Lesson
Lesson 9 Quiz
Labeling Group Discussion
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Lesson 10 - Choosing an Object to Focus On
Choosing an Object to Focus On Video Lesson
Lesson 10 Quiz
Choosing an Object to Focus On Group Discussion
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Stuck? Need Help?
Your Unified Mindfulness Action Plan - uMAP
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Bonus Lesson - See Hear Feel
See Hear Feel Video Lesson
See Hear Feel Quiz
"See, Hear, Feel" Technique Discussion Group
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Bonus Guided Mindfulness Meditation Audio Downloads
The "Feel, Feel Rest, Gone" Technique
The "See, Hear, Feel" Technique
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Reviews (13)

Very Precise!

by Stephen Anguiano
I really enjoyed how precise and in depth the course was. If I didn't understand something it was made clear after taking the quiz. Great system here, I'm definitely going to recommend this to my friends and carry on to the teaching course!

Very easy to understand.Great way i

by nandina talukdar

This is Brilliant

by karen stevens
This was a great course! Julianna teaches in a way that simplifies the practice and makes it accessible. Thank You!
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Very Precise!

by Stephen Anguiano
I really enjoyed how precise and in depth the course was. If I didn't understand something it was made clear after taking the quiz. Great system here, I'm definitely going to recommend this to my friends and carry on to the teaching course!

Very easy to understand.Great way i

by nandina talukdar

This is Brilliant

by karen stevens
This was a great course! Julianna teaches in a way that simplifies the practice and makes it accessible. Thank You!

Feedback on CORE training and the foundation training

by Harry Steinmeyer III
had to complete CORE program twice due to computer program issues...Need to fix some of the Quiz question answers seem like the writer was struggling to come up with "something" to fill space numbers to call or emails to seek support best be part of each page rather than having to look high and low for support system went completely down on one occasion, sure you folks are aware because error msg was sent--thanks for error msg so I did not point finger at my computer in error Other than the above mentioned issues the overall program was good Thank all of you for your good work

by Helen Arthur

by Ganesh Padmanabhan


by Paul Chadwick
I consider myself as someone who is very familiar with this 'System' of mediation, and yet going through this course, i would find over and over again subtitles i hadn't realised or gave proper emphasis on! The whole course is laid out in a simple step by step format that covers such a vast amount of meditative/contemplative possibilities in a easily digestible format. Wonderful, I would (and already have) wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in, or is already engaging in a meditative practice. Paul Chadwick

Simple Starter

by Erica Bona
Really wonderful! Amazing how good this is for not being time consuming. I would recommend this to anyone interested in mindfulness meditation when time is an issue and even when it's not.

by Michael Dicharry

Very good structure an animations that makes things very clear

by Hans Wöhrman

The Unified CORE Training Program

by Manuel Burque
It is really the best course I have followed and say that as a practiccioner o Vipassana and Zen and being a teacher without charge (it is my way of helping others) It is so good that I thank you very much and congratulate you for that great contribution to training people freely in mindfulness practice. I would like to have the possibility of dowbloading the course to translate it into Spanish (I live in Spain) to share it with people I know have the intention of practicing mindfulness. This would be a very good gift. Thank you very much and congratulations. Manuel Burque

Modern Day Bodhisattvas

by Angel Puente
Sharing information as valuable as this is what the internet was created for. You are modern day bodhisattvas: "those that do not aspire to enlightenment purely to free themselves from suffering; they do so out of compassion in order to liberate other sentient beings". I hope that you reach around the planet and that this teaching becomes general knowledge. People of all religions will find their faith revitalized if they practice these teachings. Thank you Julianna, for an excellent presentation of your knowledge and to Shinzen for the creation of such a simple but profound way to practice.

Unified Mindfulness Teacher Training - Core Program

by Tina Aruta
This course exceeded my expectations! I've taken several other courses online, and this one nails it in some key areas: 1. Dashboard - The dashboard is clearly laid out, pleasing to the eye, uncluttered and easy to understand & navigate. 2. Videos - The animations & audio are clear & crisp throughout, with consistent quality from 1st chapter to the last. Julianna's pacing & intonation is easy to follow, pleasant, and holds my interest. Each one is packed with information and clear, concise explanations that are accompanied by text. For me this is visual reinforcement of what I'm hearing. 3. Quizzes - The quizzes drill you in each chapter immediately after each video lesson. Imaginative questions or scenarios invite you to think deeply about each question, and discourage rushed answers. Also, subtle variations in terminology or questions could trip you up if you read quickly. Comprehension of each lesson is thoroughly tested. 4. Discussion/Q&A area - There is a discussion/Q&A area in each chapter, which keeps the discussion focussed on the topics relevant to the chapter. Julianna, who is the moderator, addresses comments & questions in a timely manner & with warmth, friendliness, & encouragement. Although I have completed the course, I've found it that it contains enough depth & interesting information to review again and again. Also, as I delve into a daily practice, I anticipate returning to the discussion areas that are related to any observations, challenges, or questions that may arise. In conclusion, I'm so psyched that this course is online, and that I'm fortunate enough to have discovered it! I anticipate using the system in various ways, experimenting with a spirit of exploration & I look forward to additional courses in the Unified Mindfulness Teacher Training System.